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“Our limit is your imagination”

Business in Motion (BIM) is a revolutionary concept, bringing together the classic and the new to offer highly innovative communication technology. Combine the timeless success of print and photography with the integration of the latest generation LCD screen to create a unique audiovisual experience.

Tired of the same two-dimensional print brochures that generate the same low results? What if a potential customer could watch your brand's video story anywhere, anytime by simply flipping the page of a book or brochure? Update your campaign with our videocards. Imagine a sleek design masterpiece that, when opened, provides HD video of your brand or product story displayed on an LCD screen with exceptional quality audio.

From travel brochures, car catalogs, real estate dossiers to marketing or press presentations, invitations,for events, launches, opening and more the possibilities of BIM are limitless.

Business in Motion offers you a large selection of screen sizes, storage capacity, audio options, battery life, radio buttons, paper handling ...


"In general, interactive touchscreen video cards have been an essential component of the success of our new line of products related to cardiovascular disease. Thanks to their appearance, content and functionality, we have been able to attract the attention of sales channels and patients."

Astra Zeneca

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